LagoMed Multiminerium

LagoMed Multiminerium

The Complete Micro-Nutrients

Multiminerium is an advanced comprehensive formulation of potent vitamins, minerals and other trace elements designed to support health, physical performances and well-being. A large number of metabolic reactions and cellular processes depend on the presence of these substances which is usually known as micro-nutrients. All micronutrients are extremely important to facilitate the proper functioning of your body system, thus, consuming an adequate amount of the different vitamins and minerals is the key to optimal health while fighting against various diseases.

Moreover, Multimunerium also contains antioxidants which protect against cell damage that has been associated with cancer, Alzheimer’s and heart disease.

Depletion of one micro-nutrient may lead to impairment of metabolic system in the body which may result in long term detrimental consequences to our health.

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