PVN Stem Cells Plus

PVN Stem Cells Plus

What Is PVN PDRN Stem Cells Plus?

PVN PDRN is a proprietary and registered drug that possesses several activities: tissue repairing, anti-ischemic, and anti-inflammatory. These therapeutic properties suggest its use in regenerative medicine and in diabetic foot ulcers. PVN PDRN holds a mixture of deoxyribonucleotides with a molecular weight of 1,500 KDa, it is derived from a controlled purification and sterilization process of Sea Trout sperm DNA. The purification process guarantees the absence of active protein and peptides that may cause any immune reaction. In this context, PVN PDRN represents a new advancement in the pharmacotherapy.

In vitro and in vivo experiments have suggested that PVN PDRN’s most relevant mechanism of action is the engagement of adenosine A2A receptors. Besides engaging the A2A receptor, PDRN offers nucleosides and nucleotides for the so called “salvage pathway.” The binding to adenosine A2A receptors is a unique property of PDRN and seems to be linked to DNA origin, molecular weight and manufacturing process.

PVN PDRN is extracted and purified at high temperature, a procedure that allows to recover a >95% pure active substance with inactivated proteins and peptides. This latter guarantees the safety of the product and the absolute lack of any immunological side effect. Indeed, the source of raw material (cells vs. organs) is of particular importance: spermatozoa are the most appropriate cells to provide highly purified DNA without risk of impurity such as peptides, proteins and lipids which can remain from the somatic cells.

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