LagoMed Lift Elixir

LagoMed Lift Elixir

Don’t Let Aging Defines Your Skin, Change The Way You Age!

Skin aging is a natural process which involves changes in morphological, structural, and functional deterioration of the skin tissues which lead to multiple signs of aging. In this context, the decreased skin collagen production and weaken elastin fibres promote the formation of fine lines and wrinkles in addition to disfiguration of face contour.

The microbiome, as a community of microorganisms and their structural elements, genomes and metabolites signal molecules, has shown to play an important role in regulating healthy skin tissues. Skin microbiome has emerged as an advance breakthrough with significant beneficial in managing skin health and disease.

The uniqueness of microbiome innovative skin care solution is to train your skin to rebuild natural immunity by restoring the protective lipid barrier instead of implementing live cultures to actively fight against bad bacteria. By introducing lysates to your skin microflora, it helps to strengthen itself and develop a stronger shield against those unwelcome elements. This is similar to how a vaccine works.


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